Saturday, February 24, 2018

Happy Anniversary!

Just popping in to wish my friend Iliana Happy Anniversary. 

In honor of her anniversary - she's having a flash sale on the Studio Bag for 24 hours!

Her anniversary is the 24th, so starting at 12:01 AM today and running till 11:59 PM Central time on the 24th, you can grab the amazing, Mary Poppins-style Studio Bag in your choice of color for just $24.

I take my studio bag EVERYWHERE when I am watercolor sketching, crafting with friends, or teaching my classes. You can fit SO much stuff in this bag and I love the shoulder strap because I'm always carrying a giant iced tea wherever I go in one hand and my phone is in the other.

I have the turquoise one of course, but it comes with pink trim, turquoise trim or grey trim. Click your choice below to see the inside views of the bag.

[ MSW ]
PINK Studio Bag
[ MSW ]
BLACK Studio Bag
[ MSW ]
Have fun shopping and have a great weekend! Leave your anniversary wishes for Iliana in the comments!


  1. Happy Anniversary Iliana! I love my Misti, will think of you today every time I use it!!!

  2. Happy, Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing your genius with us!

  3. Happy anniversary! I have the mini MISTI and the giant MISTI and sure do enjoy using both of them.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I have this bag and pack it to travel in our RV. Can’t believe how much it holds, and very organized too! Love the padded Center section for my precious MISTI!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! What a fabulous idea you started with. Can't help but notice your ideas keep getting better and better!! My daughter orders from you every Christmas.... you are always on my Santa bring me list...ha ha! I know it has been a long road but keep on keeping are right and yours IS BETTER!!! Love you, God bless. Charlotte Bullock

  6. Hey, it's my Anniversary today too:) Happy Anniversary.

  7. Hope you are having a
    great anniversary! So
    glad you created the
    Carla from Utah


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