Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sketch 2 - Merry Christmas Snowflake

Christmas is around the corner.  It feels like I just put away last years decorations.  At this rate I will have all my cards done sooner than anticipated.  I may even have a few to give away as sets for presents.

I have two cards to share using the same stamps.  This first card did not turn out how I thought it would in my head.  Most cardmakers have said this.  I think I say this more than I think.   Especially when I am making dinner.

I find that lately I take more chances with my stamping.  MISTI has boosted my confidence because I know I have another chance.   I no longer unmount my stamps until I am totally done.  You will see what I mean in the second video.
The card I envisioned in my head will show up in another blog post but for now you will see these two cards.  I didn't want the video to be too long so I split them up into two separate ones.

At first,  I used to make my card and then make a video once I got the kinks out.  Lately, I find that I get more videos done if I let the camera run. However,  I think I learn from solving my mishaps.
I used to not take any chances when I would make cards.  I would scour the blogs and look for designs that I could lift.  Then I would make the cards exactly the same.  I can't do that anymore.  The more I create original cards the easier it gets.  But now,  I have a means to correct my experiments.

This second card really tested me.  First, I thought that silver embossing would look nice on the bold watercolors. Wrong.  It was too overwhelming.  To correct it, I stamped with Staz-On white.  Then I realized the embossing powder would not stick to it.  So then I had to stamp again with Versamark.  I should have just used white pigment ink but I was stamping on the fly.

With my MISTI my watercolor background was not wasted.  I hope you enjoy my adventures in cardmaking.  That would be a good blog title.  Have you found yourself more adventurous with your MISTI?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sketch 2 - Dove of Peace

This is another simple sketch and more of a ''Duh" design.  It is probably been used by every cardmaker on the face of the Earth.
Don't you just love the focal point of the sketch?

I drew this out because of the Dove of Peace stamp.  It is an elegant stamp from Stampin' Up.  The design on the dove reminds me of a stained glass window in a church.

The stamp only comes with the wood block.   I knew I wasn't going to mount it onto the wood block and I had to figure out what to do since the foam on the stamp was super sticky. First, I cut the sentiment off.   I found a spare piece of vinyl, just like the kind that goes on the MISTI to protect the grid.   I just adhered the stamp to the vinyl and trimmed any overhang.  Now the stamp can cling to the lid of the MISTI.
Did I tell you how much I loved how this turned out?  It gives my heart flutters.  I know it is supposed to be  the Dove of Peace, but it just makes me feel hopeful.  It is a reminder of how much God loves us.  I really don't think that the Dove of Peace stamp should be limited to Christmas, but it should be used to share hope and love to someone who need it.  Yes, cheesy but true.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Sketch 1- Colorful Birthday Card

As I said before Sketch 1, is an easy peasy sketch.

I made this card in two versions.  One with dye ink on white cardstock and one with pigment ink on black cardstock using the Mama Elephant Make a Wish stamp set.

This is also a good example when I should stop instead of messing with it some more.

This could have easily been done with watercolors and a brush.  I do like this stamp set, it lets me think I have control.  Since watercolors are had to control.

I hope you give this a try.  If there is a technique you want me to create a video for, please leave a comment below.

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The ugly sister has made it to the ball.  So many of you commented that you liked this card.  It is starting to grow on me.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

I classify recipients to my cards.  There are the card worthy, and I make great efforts to send them fabulous cards.  When I make these fabulous cards, I think  "this is perfect for.....".  Then there is the meh worthy.  These are the cards that I know people will toss right away.  They get the messy cards.  They will never see the imperfections that I see.  

Do you do the same thing and send out Cinderella cards?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sketch 1 -Pink Christmas

I ordered a bunch of stamps to make Christmas cards.  I need to start now so that I have time to use them all.  As soon as my box arrived, I started sketching my idea.  This is a ridiculously simple sketch.

The squiggles can be watercolor, paint, or pattern paper.  I have several videos lined up with this no brainer of a sketch.
This card was definitely out of my comfort zone.  I do not like my hands to get dirty.  There was a lot of panic in this background.  My heart was racing just a little.  The lack of control is what bothers me.  In actuality, I am in denial that I have control.  I really don't have control, I just pretend I do.

I used Mama Elephant's Peace on Earth for the sentiment. For ink I used Rich Razzleberry, Blackberry Bliss, Melon Mambo, and Versamark.  The white splotches were made with gesso.  I used silver embossing powder from Michael's but any silver would do.  Thanks for stopping by and more cards to follow with sketch 1.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Belated Birthday

I have a very special friend and I have her ear.  She has pretty good ears to have to hear everything I have to say, because it is a lot.  So this was the perfect little elephant* to send her.

I even used an acrylic block. Say what?....Gasp!....Put your eyes back in your head now.

I wanted to give her a special present for her birthday.  Because of that her gift was late.

To hear her giggle and see her smile was a gift to me.  If only we could have recorded the event.  I would watch it over and over.

I hope you enjoy the video.
Have a great day!

*Stamp set is a special birthday gift from Simon Says Stamp.  If you have an account with them and are signed up for the newsletter, you get a notification with a coupon code for your next order.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Thanks

I have another thank you card to share.  Simon Says Stamp has the whole month of September dedicated to stamping. They call it Stamptember.  I had to order this Leaves background stamp from the fall release.

I pictured in my head the turning leaves.  I wanted to add red to this card but decided against it.  I also pictured a nest of metallic thread behind the sentiment.  I also decided against it.   What I pictured in my head was different than the outcome.   Nonetheless, it turned out beautifully.

I was lacking some supplies but made due with what I had.  Please enjoy the video.

Supplies used:
Leaves background from Simon Says Stamp
Thanks die from Mama Elephant
Archival Cosmic Copper pigment ink, Versamark
Papertrey ink:  Canyon Clay, Ripe Avocado,
Other Perfect Pearls

Monday, September 14, 2015


I love stamp sets.  Getting them as a gift is the best feeling.  Actually, getting any craft supplies as a gift is the best.  I guess the reason I love gifted stamps the best is because I feel like the giver went above and beyond to get me something that they know I have a passion for.

I always think of the word passion as to love something so much that you suffer for it.  I picture a starving artist trying to sell a painting.   Me, not suffering or starving.  So I refreshed myself on the meaning of the word passion.

Webster shows the following definition:
1. a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something  (yes, this applies to me)
2. a strong feeling (such as anger) that causes you to act in a dangerous way (yes, this applies to me if I don't get to craft)
3. a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone (Why is this even here?  If my craft room was a person it would apply)

So I guess I qualify for the title passionate crafter.  

I made this card for my gift giver.  I have to admit that suffering was involved in making this card.  It took me a little bit to figure out how to get the pattern to work. There was some measuring involved.

I am sure that there is a background stamp that can accomplish the same look.  But why buy when I can find a new use for a stamp I already have.  I am sure that using two different colors would give a different result.  Using a colored cardstock would also give a different look.

I didn't want the sentiment to distract from the background so I put it at the bottom right.  That way it draws the eye across the back ground.  

The sentiment is from Simon Says Stamp Hand Lettered Winter Wishes.  The circle border stamp is form this stamp set.

I hope that you enjoy my process of making this card.  Please sure to give the video a thumbs up.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Organized Chaos

There are so many examples of "organized chaos".  The first thing that comes to mind is my craft room.  Can I get an Amen?  Our rooms may become chaotic but we can still make beautiful cards.

For today's card, I used the Dizzy Circles stamp set from Close to My Heart. I used the same technique I did for my last blog post.  I used Cyndie's template that is posted on Splitcoast Stampers.

The example that I use in the video is life.  Our lives get chaotic and we make our little mess with choices we make but in the end we have much beauty in our lives.  We just need to count our blessings when we can't see the beauty.

I think that God lets us have some chaos so that we can learn from it.  How we deal with it helps form the person He wants us to become.  I really love the song from Francesca Battistelli, This is the Stuff.  She sings about how He teaches us patience and break us of habits He doesn't want us to have.  I hope you watch Francesca's video.  It is a bit cheesy but I love the message.  After her video, you can find the video for today's card.  Thank for stopping by.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dizzy Cirles

Most of the time I like to think outside of the box.  That is how my brain works.  My brain breaks down how something works and then takes it apart.  I observe each step and see how I can improve on it.

If I come across a problem, I do a similar thing.  I look at the problem, find the root of the problem and focus on the root until I come up with a solution.  Let me give you an example.  One day I was making cards using my Fiskar's stamp press.  I had a batch of cards I needed to make, it was taking me forever and I was no longer enjoying the process.  

Here is how my brain broke it down.

Q: What is the problem?
A:  I am not enjoying stamping.

Q:  Why am I not enjoying stamping?
A:  I keep messing up and wasting cardstock.

Q:  Why am I messing up and how am I wasting cardstock?
A:  I am getting an incomplete stamp and when I try to restamp I can't line up and I miss, that is how I waste the cardstock.

Q: How can I line up better?
A:  By having the stamp go to the same spot.

Q: How do I get the stamp in the same spot?
A:  If I can keep one side of my stamp press hinged to my stamp area.

The rest is history.  Since then I have been running around in circles.

So today, I am making a card using the Dizzy Circles from Close to My Heart.  How was that segue into today's card?  

So back to problem solving for a second.  I wanted to stamp rotating my image as seen in Maureen's video.   I first started by printing  Cyndie's Hexagon template, This template was made to stamp on a circle.  My heart was set on a square card.  So I started to think about how I was going to make that happen.  I need to center my square card within the template.  I cut down a square to fit in the Hexagon.  It was an odd measurement.  I then went onto my Silhouette software and created my own template

This card was so fast and easy with an awesome result.  I love the way it turned out.  When I saw this stamp set had to have it.  It reminded me of the Spirograph set I had as a child.

I took an Online Card class and Jennifer did a card that rotated a leaf stamp in rainbow color pattern.  She placed her sentiment on a strip across the middle to cover the uneven pattern in the middle.  With MISTI, there was no need cover the center because it was perfect.  This card is a perfect example at why I smile when someone says they don't need a MISTI.
So I challenge those die hard Stamp-a-ma-jiggers and stamp pressers to make this card as quickly as a MISTIfyer.  Send me a link to your video and a close up of your card center.

Thanks for stopping by and I will leave you with my card tutorial video on how to make this card.  
I am also adding another fun video at the end that will have your eyes spinning in circles.