Friday, July 31, 2015

Winner Part 2

Let's try this again....
The winner of the Laser Etched MIST is....

Denise Irving

Thanks for participating in my blogiversary.  Please don't be disappointed.  We will have other opportunities for giveaways.  By being a subscriber you will get notified.

Card tutorial coming soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Winner Part:1

This is the day you have been waiting for....

The winner is......?????

That is right.  I have no name.  My genius idea to have readers subscribe was partially successful.  I accomplished the task of obtaining more subscribers but since I only have emails to choose from I have no name.  The winner has been emailed.  So check your email and if you have a letter from me please reply so that I can share it with everyone else.

So stay tuned for part 2......

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Two Hearts

    Sometimes I run across a tool or supplies that I am holding onto because I still love it and I don't want to part with it.  Yet there are so many new tools and new supplies out there.

    Our hobby is one of great expense and great temptation.  We see supplies and we see potential.  We think of all the different things that we can do to justify the purchase of our next must-have item.  Sometimes we go on a spending freeze to save up for said item, and then it sits there barely used.

    Unfortunately, we can't keep everything, even though we try.  We can't buy everything, even though we try really hard.  So I challenged myself to make a card using a tool and or supplies that has been neglected.  

My neglected tools I used were the Sizzix Movers and Shapers Hearts die and Cardmaps 2 book.  My neglected supplies were the burlap fabric and a button.  This is similar burlap but not the same I used.

I still incorporated a new and not so new paper pads.  I loved the way the card turned out.  I think mixing new and old tools/supplies will help me realize what I need to keep and what I need to let go of.  Letting go of supplies will give me room for new things.  I think it will also help me to think about my purchases and what I really "need".

Now, go find something neglected and make something with it.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Happy Blogiversary and a Giveaway

365 days ago I was panicking about starting my business.  I had planned and researched.  I had worked hard for eight months.   I had spent hours preparing and slaved over my first batch of MISTIs.  I was in tears and scared out of my mind.  I felt like the life I had was about to be over.  I knew things were going to be different.  I made my first post and it was official.  Then.....nothing happened.  I felt relieved that my life was not over.

A week had pasted and nothing happened.  I started messaging other card makers on YouTube to check out my videos.  Still nothing.  My husband would ask each day if I sold a MISTI and I would say no.  I just knew that he wanted to say I told you so.  I remembered the words of my husband's uncle, "Only forty of your closest friends and relatives will buy one.  You are too close to this."    I was a little disappointed that when I showed paper crafters no one said, "I will buy one."

Eleven days had past.  Then there was a sale.  I sold one.  I sold one to Kelly Marie Alvarez from Lawn Fawn.  I thought I hit the big time.   The orders were going to roll in now.  Nothing.  The pity party started.  My mind thought, "Kelly bought one because she felt sorry for me.  What a sweet lady!  I really like her more now."   Oh well...what am I going to do with the other 59 MISTIs.

A couple days passed and I had another sale.  A couple more days passed and I had another sale.  I thought that this was a good pace.  If I can sell two or three each week I could handle it.  A steady stream is all I wanted.  I knew God would not give me more than I could handle.  Then Splitcoast Stampers happened.  Qtpy posted and then the world went crazy.

God has slowly eased me into this.  Every step I wade deeper and deeper in  He is whispering to me the whole time that everything will be okay.

Dear God,
Thanks for everything you do.

Now there have are times that I start to splash too much and feel like I am sinking.  During these times my friends and family remind me to be still and listen for God's whisper.

Dear Friends and Family,
Thanks for everything you do.

Splitcoast Stampers will forever have a place in my heart.  My eyes well up with tears of gratitude.  There is this unexplainable feeling of support there.  Encouraging, joyful hearts live there.   My cheerleaders have become good friends.

Dear Splitcoast,
Thanks for everything you do.

It floors me that you are reading this, that you care what I have to say,  that you take the time watch my videos.  It overwhelms me to hear your comments.

My dear Sweet Petunias,
Thank you for your support and most importantly your time.
Thank you for everything you do,

Giveaway:  In honor of the handmade MISTIs I used to make,  all blog subscribers will be entered in a random drawing for an original laser etched MISTI.

If you already subscribe, you don't need to do a thing.

If you aren't a subscriber, all you have to do is sign up to enter.

Winner will be posted on the anniversary of my first sale, July 29th.

Dear Uncle David,
I told you so!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mama Bear Love

Happy summer everyone.

The days have been unusually cool this year.  We have had the windows open for the majority of the summer and have turned on the central air a few times on the hot days.

Hot days here are no where near the inferno of Houston.   Houston weather has been permanently ingrained in my sweat glands.  When we start to plan a visit to see my mom, my brain automatically sends messages to my pores to start producing perspiration.

All the Texans will appreciate the gravity of my next statement.  When I lived in Houston, we did not have central air conditioning!  For about two weeks in the month of August my parents would splurge and turn on the window unit.  That's right, I said no a/c in Texas!  I have post traumatic sweat disorder.  We take any trip and my first question is, "Is there a/c?"

Moving on.... early this summer I went to the Understand Blue Unwind Retreat in Texas.  I took my daughter with me and she decided to stay with her grandparents.  The beginning of summer dragged without my little sweet petunia.  I felt like I had left my heart in Texas.  I think there may be a country song by that title.

I decided to make her a card using Mama Elephant's Bear Hugs.  I had the perfect background stamp from Purple Onion Designs. The stamp is called The Perfect Spot.  This  was my first watercolor  card video.

I feel I did OK.  It kind of has an elementary school feel. I know I have to crawl before I can Allnock.
My little sweet petunia will love it.  I say will because by the time it arrived to Texas she was headed home.  My mother-in-law will be mailing it back.

Please enjoy the video.  The narration is a bit choppy.  I did edit it down quite a bit because it took forever to make this card.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Where in the World

Happy Fourth of July!

With the exception of a house addition and the birth of my little petunia, we have had a Fyreworks party every year.  That is not a misspelling, we live in Fyre Lake.  It is our tradition and an expectation from our friends and family.    I have been wanting to add onto our kitchen.  My husband said if we wanted to make that change then we should just move.  Then the first thought is, "What about the Fouth of July party?"  So we decide not to move and continue to live here with a galley kitchen and celebrate this awesome holiday every year.

Our house is the perfect venue for this occasion.  We build our tent down by the water.  Running a special extension cord down the hill to power the crockpots of food.  The tree provides the perfect shade.  We have benches under the tree as well as a small retaining wall that provides sitting areas.  Everyone spreads out their blankets and lawn chairs and enjoys the conversation.  When the little ones get tired and need a nap, the parents head up to the house for a break.

There is a levy just across the lake that the association uses to set off the Fyreworks show.  For a small community,  we have a 15-20 minute display of fireworks.  I have had residents of our subdivision come by and ask to sit in our yard to enjoy the extravaganza.  After the show, there are more fireworks.  My husband has his own show.  Our neighbor across the street also does their own show.  By the time the party is over there is a dusting of firework powder over every car and dismembered and mutilated firework carcasses on the roof of every house on my street.

This holiday is not about Fyreworks or a party.  It is about celebrating our country's freedom.  Where in the world would we be without our freedom?

I had made this card for my father-in-law to give to him on Father's Day.  I procrastinated and have not posted about this because life continues to get in the way.  However, I made it fit for this occasion. 

I am grateful  that God lead my parents to move to the United States.  I am grateful that he planted the seed to create MISTI.   I am also extremely grateful for all of you that have made MISTI a dream come true.

In honor of Independence Day, we are having 10% off MISTIs and Novus products.  I have not introduced the Novus 2, so I will tell you what it can do.  It will remove permanent ink stains off the MISTI.  It will also help remove fine scratches.

Now that I had a genius help me add the subscribe feature to the blog, please subscribe for updates.
Have a happy Fourth of July.