Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sticky Note Inspiration: MISTI and Frosty Fairies

Most of the time that I make a card it is because I am dying to make something that was inspired by someone else.  Unless I have that inspiration, I get overwhelmed on where to start.   Other times it is just committing to using something I have.   However, I think I found another way to get my cards kick started.

Today, I received a box from Hero Arts with a few things.  When I opened my package I decided that I needed to write sticky notes on the reason why I bought those stamps.  I put the note inside the packaging so it would not get lost.

The notes weren't about card ideas, but a little simpler.  For example, I bought the Blizzard Bold Prints and the note was: use with glittery blue embossing powder.  So when I found a window to stamp, I just picked up this stamp and just made the background like the sticky note said.  Then I knew it needed a snowy ground.   From there, it was easy to decide theme and the stamps to coordinate.

Here is the card that was inspired by a sticky note.

I think from now on I will start printing my email confirmations and making notes on why I purchased those items and how I plan to use them.  Once the supplies arrives, I can write sticky notes to put on them.

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  1. Great idea. I can't tell you the number of stamps I buy because I want to do something special with them and when they get here, I never can remember the reason. It is only 7:30 A.M. and I learned something today. Now I can go back to bed! LOL

  2. What a great idea! I'm ALWAYS forgetting why I ordered something by the time it arrives...I'm definitely going to start using this technique.

  3. Good idea and a great looking card!

  4. Hi Iliana ~ This is an awesome idea!! I often order something and then wonder what my plan was. Love the idea of printing the email confirmation and jotting down notes. It seems like such a simple idea...so glad you're sharing with us. ~HUGS~

  5. Super cute card and BRILLIANT idea!!! I frequently kick start from someone else's card too, and I use Evernote to save the inspiration as its similar to Pinterest but I can make better notes and then search them later when I get the stamp set or or have the time to work on it. But when you order a product with an idea or technique in mind and then forget it by the time you get the order, that is so frustrating! I could even still use Evernote, but save the product image instead of the card inspiration and put my notes there until the shipment comes in. Now, do you have any ideas for making time to play when I'm either too busy or spending too much time looking at what others are making?!?!? ;-)

    1. Here is something I used to do and plan to start again. I would only allow myself to watch YouTube while on my elliptical.


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