Friday, July 3, 2015

Where in the World

Happy Fourth of July!

With the exception of a house addition and the birth of my little petunia, we have had a Fyreworks party every year.  That is not a misspelling, we live in Fyre Lake.  It is our tradition and an expectation from our friends and family.    I have been wanting to add onto our kitchen.  My husband said if we wanted to make that change then we should just move.  Then the first thought is, "What about the Fouth of July party?"  So we decide not to move and continue to live here with a galley kitchen and celebrate this awesome holiday every year.

Our house is the perfect venue for this occasion.  We build our tent down by the water.  Running a special extension cord down the hill to power the crockpots of food.  The tree provides the perfect shade.  We have benches under the tree as well as a small retaining wall that provides sitting areas.  Everyone spreads out their blankets and lawn chairs and enjoys the conversation.  When the little ones get tired and need a nap, the parents head up to the house for a break.

There is a levy just across the lake that the association uses to set off the Fyreworks show.  For a small community,  we have a 15-20 minute display of fireworks.  I have had residents of our subdivision come by and ask to sit in our yard to enjoy the extravaganza.  After the show, there are more fireworks.  My husband has his own show.  Our neighbor across the street also does their own show.  By the time the party is over there is a dusting of firework powder over every car and dismembered and mutilated firework carcasses on the roof of every house on my street.

This holiday is not about Fyreworks or a party.  It is about celebrating our country's freedom.  Where in the world would we be without our freedom?

I had made this card for my father-in-law to give to him on Father's Day.  I procrastinated and have not posted about this because life continues to get in the way.  However, I made it fit for this occasion. 

I am grateful  that God lead my parents to move to the United States.  I am grateful that he planted the seed to create MISTI.   I am also extremely grateful for all of you that have made MISTI a dream come true.

In honor of Independence Day, we are having 10% off MISTIs and Novus products.  I have not introduced the Novus 2, so I will tell you what it can do.  It will remove permanent ink stains off the MISTI.  It will also help remove fine scratches.

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Have a happy Fourth of July.


  1. What a beautiful and inspiring post, honoring your family, country, a beautiful home, and your business success. Thank you for sharing. P.S. I love my Misti (actually two of them). It has truly revolutionized my creativity and stamping.

  2. I got mine in the mail last week, it came very quickly after ordering. Yours is just the answer I have been looking for, as I am a quadriplegic with limited dexterity and I have trouble using the acrylic blocks. Thank you so much, works great!! Happy 4th of July!

  3. This tool is amazing!!! Thanks a lot for thinking about us and create it!!!

  4. It gave me the happies to read Betsy' s post. Scrappin and stampin provide such joy and stress relief for me. Betsy reminds me how much more it can do for others. TFS Betsy.

  5. Very nice Father's Day card! What's the stamp set with the globe?

    1. It is this one

    2. It is this one

  6. Such a lovely post! My kitchen is the same and I stay in my little house because it is in a prime location. Lol! Counting my blessings...your party sounds similar to ours each year down to the litter the next morning! :)


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