Thursday, July 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Two Hearts

    Sometimes I run across a tool or supplies that I am holding onto because I still love it and I don't want to part with it.  Yet there are so many new tools and new supplies out there.

    Our hobby is one of great expense and great temptation.  We see supplies and we see potential.  We think of all the different things that we can do to justify the purchase of our next must-have item.  Sometimes we go on a spending freeze to save up for said item, and then it sits there barely used.

    Unfortunately, we can't keep everything, even though we try.  We can't buy everything, even though we try really hard.  So I challenged myself to make a card using a tool and or supplies that has been neglected.  

My neglected tools I used were the Sizzix Movers and Shapers Hearts die and Cardmaps 2 book.  My neglected supplies were the burlap fabric and a button.  This is similar burlap but not the same I used.

I still incorporated a new and not so new paper pads.  I loved the way the card turned out.  I think mixing new and old tools/supplies will help me realize what I need to keep and what I need to let go of.  Letting go of supplies will give me room for new things.  I think it will also help me to think about my purchases and what I really "need".

Now, go find something neglected and make something with it.


  1. Beautiful, we really should check out our stash and find the missing gems we have forgotten about.

  2. Love that you shared all the trials before you finished your card. Nice to know I'm not the only one that takes forever to decide my card layouts.

  3. Beyond presenting your beautiful card, your post presents your readers with a lesson. It also gave me pause because that lesson can become one beyond our hobbies and deeper into our lives. You are inspiring!

  4. Lord knows I have a lot of unused items from being a beginner and buying so many things from watching videos and wanting to create what I seen. Now I have to look up what some of them are used for, shame on me.

  5. Nice card! Like the printed papers and burlap makes me smile. :) I like your straightforward, "real" style of blogging. It's interesting to read your thoughts. I could make a hundred cards w/neglected supplies and still have supplies left. Eileen you're not alone. I have bought some tools/supplies that I haven't used for so long (or ever) that I don't remember how to use them and I'd have to look up a "how to," too. Heehee!

    1. We have a rule for my daughter about collecting stuffed animals. Get a new one and an old one needs to be donated. I think I need to do that. I should make myself use consumables before buying more.

  6. I hear you!!!! Great card....and I have these too - LOL!
    Thanks for the reminder to use or get rid of so someone else can use it!
    Paper Hugs,

  7. Exactly.... I have to challenge myself to use up bits & pieces of paper instead of buying more. Love your card!

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