Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mama Bear Love

Happy summer everyone.

The days have been unusually cool this year.  We have had the windows open for the majority of the summer and have turned on the central air a few times on the hot days.

Hot days here are no where near the inferno of Houston.   Houston weather has been permanently ingrained in my sweat glands.  When we start to plan a visit to see my mom, my brain automatically sends messages to my pores to start producing perspiration.

All the Texans will appreciate the gravity of my next statement.  When I lived in Houston, we did not have central air conditioning!  For about two weeks in the month of August my parents would splurge and turn on the window unit.  That's right, I said no a/c in Texas!  I have post traumatic sweat disorder.  We take any trip and my first question is, "Is there a/c?"

Moving on.... early this summer I went to the Understand Blue Unwind Retreat in Texas.  I took my daughter with me and she decided to stay with her grandparents.  The beginning of summer dragged without my little sweet petunia.  I felt like I had left my heart in Texas.  I think there may be a country song by that title.

I decided to make her a card using Mama Elephant's Bear Hugs.  I had the perfect background stamp from Purple Onion Designs. The stamp is called The Perfect Spot.  This  was my first watercolor  card video.

I feel I did OK.  It kind of has an elementary school feel. I know I have to crawl before I can Allnock.
My little sweet petunia will love it.  I say will because by the time it arrived to Texas she was headed home.  My mother-in-law will be mailing it back.

Please enjoy the video.  The narration is a bit choppy.  I did edit it down quite a bit because it took forever to make this card.

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  1. Darling card. And I enjoyed your post as well. You have a great way with words. Are you going to be teaching any classes anywhere this year? Would love to watch you create in person. Thanks for the video. Love those bears.

    1. I take forever to create. I try not to rush the process. I usually make a practice card. No classes in the future. That would stress me out!

  2. Lovely card, thank you for sharing. I live in Houston, holy cow...

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  4. Aaaawww, love today's story about your little sweet petunia and the card too!

  5. I think you did an amazing job water coloring! The card is adorable and the story behind the creation of the card is sweet. Well done!

  6. Your card is so sweet (even the pink tree)!... But I just had to say, as one who lives in the "dryer" part of TX now...... it's amazing you're still alive!!... The heat in Houston, coupled with the humidity, is like trying to breathe hot water!! You need gills, I swear!... Being from the desert dry heat of AZ, this so-called dry part of TX I'm in is hot & humid enough for me... Houston??.. NO thank you!!

  7. This is SO sweet - I love these images together and I'm ROFL at "walk before you allnock - hahah!" Sandy will love that.

  8. Your card is wonderful! Love your "Allnock" line! Hope your sweet petunia is back in your arms now!!! And I totally can relate to the heat and need for AC!

  9. What a great card for your little petunia! Please don't apologize for your watercoloring skills. Many of us are brand new to the art of watercoloring on our cards. Many of us are crawling right next to you on the journey to paint it like Allnock! I'm sure Sandy will get a kick out of your reference. Thanks for sharing this video with all of us. I loved it!

  10. What a sweet card, and the thought behind it was even sweeter! It makes no difference that it was your first attempt at watercoloring. It turned out great! I laughed at the "Allnock" reference too. I'm taking my first watercolor class tomorrow night, so I'm right there with you as I aspire to one day be half the artist that Sandy is. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Oh, that is such a sweet story! I loved your card!


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