Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Team Tuesday with Kia

 This is Beauty.

I made Beauty for today's Team Tuesday post. I did do a video but it ended up at 25 minutes, which I think is just too long. So instead I have opted for a tutorial, for those who like to have a lot of information about making the card.
 First however, I would like to share the pictures of my finished card. I opted for a coral/orange colour for the flower, as that colour on the sun rays is mostly covered by the flower. 
 A close up of the Peony shows the details from the stamp, which I went over with the paints as I very much like the details on this flower.
 And, as I normally do, I have also done the inside of my card, which is where the name of my card came from, stamping the sentiment in the Fuchsia Pink to bring that colour inside the card.

So now on to the Tutorial part of my post.  
 I started with the stencil background, using Ken Oliver's Color Burst powders in Lemon Yellow, Tangerine and Fuchsia. I have also mixed a spritzer with Perfect Pearls which is what I spray the powders with, which adds a beautiful sheen to the finished rays.
  (There is a container sitting on the sun part of the stencil to stop it puffing up when I wet the piece). 
I have used a Basting Spray from my sewing days to tack down my stencil. It has very good stick to it so for this card I pressed off on a rag before putting on my card stock. When using spray such as this, as I have a bird I must do it outside, and I would recommend that, as it is not the nicest smell around.
 This is the finished background. I love the roughness of the sun rays.
 I then moved on to stamping the flowers, using Ranger Archival Inks in the colours I was going to use. I also stamped the large Peony in orange and yellow to see what one I would like. I picked the yellow image.
 Keeping with the colour burst powders I made puddles of the colours I used on the sun rays, and added in a couple of greens along with a lighter colour of the orange.
 I did a few layers of painting to get the colours the way I wanted. The Color Burst colours are very vibrant, which of course I love.
 I die cut and attached my sun rays panel to a tangerine card base. 
Once all the painting was done I cut the images and styled them with my stylist, adhering them to my card using Nuvo Adhesive Glue and foam squares.
 Moving to the inside of my card I die cut the panel and stamped the sentiment using Ranger's Vibrant Fuchsia. 
 I then styled and glued in the leaves and flower bud.
I finished by adding a few Iridescent Crystals. 

I hope you have enjoyed today's Team Tuesday card. Following are affiliate links to the products that I have used on this card.


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