Thursday, May 4, 2023

Magnificent Multiples with the MISTI

I would not have attempted today's project without a MISTI! It's not that I don't love the stamp set; it's gorgeous! However, I would only have enjoyed building the image with a MISTI since it requires layering to construct the image.  

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I used a Mini MISTI Sticky Mat and placed a piece of cardstock on the mat. I stamped the stems first, picked up the sticky mat with the cardstock, and put it in a Teal Original MISTI. I placed a transparent acetate sheet over the cardstock and set the flower buds where I hoped they would appear on the stems. I inked the stamp and stamped the acetate with the stems on the cardstock showing through. Naturally, the flowers were not aligned perfectly, so I adjusted the stamp as many times as was needed until I felt they were positioned well. I removed the acetate, then stamped the flowers on the cardstock. I moved to a Black Original MISTI and did the same for the broad green brush strokes. I skipped the fourth stamp on these samples but did the same for the fourth stamp in this set on one lone card not pictured here.  

Once the stamps were in the correct place, it was easy to create multiples. Also, instead of using four MISTIs, this could have been done with a Memory MISTI.  The stamps could have been placed in the four corners and stamped the same as mentioned above.  

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