Thursday, May 12, 2022

A Big Hi!

Hi, there!  I just love featuring stamps and dies in different ways!  This is a pretty winter wreath by MFT, but just by coloring it in Spring colors, it becomes a spring wreath!  The MISTI is such a wonderful tool when it comes to a project like this, as both the wreath and the sentiment required stamping multiple times.  

The MISTI is like a potato chip in that you can't have just one! I use several MISTIs every time I stamp.  I left the wreath stamp in the MISTI until the project was completely finished.  Then with a second MISTI, I stamped the sentiment.  One of my favorite things is having an extra Mini MISTI to keep my signature stamp in at all times.  It's such a time-saver with no more alignment struggles on every card.  So sorry if you received a crooked signature from me in the past! :)  

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Here is what I used today:

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  1. Sweet card - the yellow really does add a Spring feel. I rarely stamp on the back of my cards even though mine is on a block - usually buried on my desk!

  2. Can you tell me where to get the custom stamp you used on your card back? Mine is on a block and I would rather get one that can be put in a Misti!!

  3. Where did you purchase your signature stamp? My stamp is on a wood block and I really want to find one like yours so I can use my Misti!!


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