Sunday, August 26, 2018

Penny Black Dressed in Snow Christmas Card

While I was at Junkie Fest 2018, I stopped by a local store.  Before I walked in the store, I made a commitment to purchase products.  Our small stores are in danger of going out of business.  In my area, the closest store is an hour and a half away.  Unfortunately, most of my shopping is done online.  However, online does not do stamps justice.  In person shopping, holding product in my hands, is a dangerous thing.

I purchased this Penny Black Dressed in Snow Slapstick  Cling stamp.  I fell in love with the sample on the back of the packaging.  With the help of my MISTI, recreating this was simple.

This year, I promised that I would not procrastinate on Christmas cards.   I hope this video inspires you to start your cards.  Leave a comment below telling me how many cards you plan to make this year.

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  1. I live in MN, what was the name of the store you visited? Lovely card also.

  2. I usually make over 100 cards and I'm almost done but still making more. The MISTI does help a lot with making multiples. Love your card!

  3. Lovely card--I usually make around 75 cards, I'm boring, usually all the same design because if I make them "different" , I forget who got which card!

  4. What a fantastic card !! The light is incredible !! Penny Black stamps are so beautiful.

  5. Wow!! You are so gifted to see right where to add the color! We use whatever we have don't we!! Love that you added ink to your marker tip. Great way to add snow! Beautiful color blending the gorgeous bg.


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