Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Team Tuesday Guest Post - Maria Sabina

Today is Team Tuesday! Before I introduce you to Maria, I wanted to tell you that the interview I did for the So Suzy podcast is up this morning here. Or you can listen via the embedded player below. Her podcasts are super informative - be sure and check out past episodes.

I had admired today's team member for years before asking her to be on our team. She lives in Romania, and is one of those rare hybrids of an incredible scrapbooker and an incredible cardmaker.

She wasn't able to join us in Phoenix, but we hope to have her at another event in the future so you can see her work in person.

Here she is in her own words:

"Hello to you all. I'm Maria Sabina , a young crafter from Romania. I love doing a bit of everything. From cardmaking, to sewing, cooking and other crafts. When I don't feel like doing any of that, then I like to explore new places, watch movies or do my nails. I don't really show this in my work, but I am a big fan of the Victorian era and vintage things. If you have a small crafty stash or corner like me, try to experiment and mix the old things with the new ones for great results."


Hello there! Maria Sabina over here. I hope you have a wonderful day! I don't know about you, but I definitely had a big problem wasting paper and ink,before using the wonderful MISTI. Well not anymore. I can finally enjoy stamping on another level and also save materials.

For today, I made a simple yet colorful card,using the Creative Corners along with the Original MISTI. Sadly, I don't have a video for today's card, but I promise to make one in the near future. The Creative Corners are really great. You are going to love them.

I hope you get inspired to use your colorful inks, mix the new and old stamps to create new beautiful cards. I had a great time stamping the background for this card, with the help of MISTI.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful card. I love the unsymmetrical & symmetrical look together.

  2. I love this! I originally thought it was patterned paper, but it appears to be a stamp set? Can you tell me what the name of the stamp is?

  3. This card makes me happy just seeing it!...and it also makes me happy to see such wonderful creative talents in a person of your age ^_^ Lovely design, colors, embellishments and stamping all combine to make this one impressive card!

  4. I absolutely love this card! It's interesting, sweet, colorful, and it USES PAPER SCRAPS!!! Every papercrafter I know has about a copy paper box worth of scraps they are saving for 'something'!

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