Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rooting for the Small Ones

I have been loving Concord & 9th for some time.  I look forward to their releases and I wish they would just have a buy all button on their website or start a subscription.  Greg and Angie, I hope you are reading this.

Last month, Concord & 9th celebrated their 1 year anniversary.  Every month, they produce quality stamps with great designs.  As a one-woman company with a great support system, I can appreciate all the hard work that Greg and Angie have done to grow their business.

I watched an interview with Concord & 9th that gave me an insight to their work.   Small companies or Small Ones have a big place in my heart.  We don't have a safety net.  We learn as we go.  The lessons we learn are hard and painful.  We are out numbered and have a big disadvantage to the big companies.

Another disadvantage that we Small Ones have is disconnecting.  I am at my desk most mornings by 6:45 am and I do my best to step away by 5:00 pm.  I am guilty of peeking at my email throughout the evening.  My thoughts are always on what needs to get done.

Thankfully, I am starting to find time to stamp.  I made this card using two stamps from Concord & 9th (a Small One) and a die from Simon Says Stamp (a former Small One).   I hope you enjoy the video.  Thanks again for all that you have done for the Small Ones.


  1. Very, very pretty. Love the way the Nuvo drops look.

  2. A beautiful card and a fantastic stamp.

  3. Very nice card, Iliana! I have been pulling for you from the beginning! I'm so glad you have made it to be A Little!

  4. Lovely card. I like to support the "small ones" too. My hubby is a photographer who does art shows and it's a company of one also, so I completely understand all you are saying. Kudos to the small ones. Thanks for sharing.

  5. So beautiful and a fabulous video, thank you! xxx


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