Saturday, September 10, 2016

Jump for Joy

I have been missing in action for a while.  If you are wondering what I have been up to, it has been a lot.  We started homeschooling again.  My little petunia is in the 6th grade.  How time flies.  She sits across from me at my desk.  We have a daily video lesson.  I do mean"we" because a virtual classroom video is playing as I work with her.  So in essence, I am repeating junior high without the drama this time.  

We started early this year because we needed to carve out some time for a business trip.  I never in my wildest dreams thought that teaching a card workshop would lead to a trip traveling the country side in the United Kingdom. 

We collaborated with Oyster Stamps.  Tracey and Graham scheduled three workshops in three different cities.  We visited Bath, Kettering, and Manchester. Our trip ended in London.  I was able to check off many things to see from my bucket list.  It was an amazing trip and I would happily do it again.    

When we finally arrived home,  I jumped for joy when I opened a box that Kelly from Lawn Fawn sent me.   Lawn Fawn  just amazes me at all the cuteness they produce.  


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  1. Hi Iliana, This card is so adorable. I love the border of leaves and the fun hedgehog falls perfectly into the colorful pile.

    BTW... ;-) My birthday is in November. <3

  2. Absolutely AWESOME slider card! Thanks so much for your excellent instructions!

  3. Great to meet you in the UK, loved our card class and you were so calm. Looking forward to the next time

  4. Fantastic!!! Enjoy watching you do this so easily. Your videos could never be too long. They are so inspiring, educating and wonderful. And I love that MISTI :)

  5. Loved your card class in England & I'm really glad you enjoyed your trip. Would definitely join another card class with you if you come back. P.s had to buy the flamingo stamp set!


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