Monday, September 14, 2015


I love stamp sets.  Getting them as a gift is the best feeling.  Actually, getting any craft supplies as a gift is the best.  I guess the reason I love gifted stamps the best is because I feel like the giver went above and beyond to get me something that they know I have a passion for.

I always think of the word passion as to love something so much that you suffer for it.  I picture a starving artist trying to sell a painting.   Me, not suffering or starving.  So I refreshed myself on the meaning of the word passion.

Webster shows the following definition:
1. a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something  (yes, this applies to me)
2. a strong feeling (such as anger) that causes you to act in a dangerous way (yes, this applies to me if I don't get to craft)
3. a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone (Why is this even here?  If my craft room was a person it would apply)

So I guess I qualify for the title passionate crafter.  

I made this card for my gift giver.  I have to admit that suffering was involved in making this card.  It took me a little bit to figure out how to get the pattern to work. There was some measuring involved.

I am sure that there is a background stamp that can accomplish the same look.  But why buy when I can find a new use for a stamp I already have.  I am sure that using two different colors would give a different result.  Using a colored cardstock would also give a different look.

I didn't want the sentiment to distract from the background so I put it at the bottom right.  That way it draws the eye across the back ground.  

The sentiment is from Simon Says Stamp Hand Lettered Winter Wishes.  The circle border stamp is form this stamp set.

I hope that you enjoy my process of making this card.  Please sure to give the video a thumbs up.

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  1. Wonderful card and great use of the Misti! ;-D

    I'm so happy I got it that I'm "advertising" the Misti on my blog, and many of my readers wrote me asking about it. Hope you'll find an European reseller for them!

    Smiles from Italy

    1. Thanks for plugging on your blog. Where can I find your blog?

  2. Loved the idea. Never thought of covering a card with a stamp as background. One question: not sure how you got the black "stitch" lines around the edge. Did you do them by hand? Could you expand on that?

    1. I show that in the video at the 8 minute mark. Thanks.

    2. Ha ha, I watched the video before I wrote the post and still didn't see how you did it! You move fast!

  3. Another beautiful card Iliana. I love how you achieved the background with the MISTI! Gosh, I love that tool!


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