Friday, September 25, 2015


The ugly sister has made it to the ball.  So many of you commented that you liked this card.  It is starting to grow on me.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

I classify recipients to my cards.  There are the card worthy, and I make great efforts to send them fabulous cards.  When I make these fabulous cards, I think  "this is perfect for.....".  Then there is the meh worthy.  These are the cards that I know people will toss right away.  They get the messy cards.  They will never see the imperfections that I see.  

Do you do the same thing and send out Cinderella cards?


  1. I don't send cards to just any one. If people rave and save my cards, several do, then they get a card made with love. The majority of my cards are donated to charities (Card Care Connection for cancer patients) and Ronald McDonald House San Diego. My time and energy are shared with those who appreciate it.

    1. I know what you mean on being appreciated. You can add me to your card worthy list. Hint, hint...

  2. WI love your cards!! I started making simple cards for family as a way to save some money. My husband comes from a very large family.....there are about 40 immediate family members. Of course, now I don't save any money because I can look around at how many supplies I have!! Everyone I give a card to saves them.....which just makes me feel wonderful. So much love goes into every card. I also make cards for the cancer clinic where I am a patient. I make encouragement cards for women, like me with Metastatic breast cancer and I do it anonymously. I hope I can make them smile and know that they are not alone.
    Don't throw away any of your cards.....if I don't really like the background, I use them for die cuts! Thanks for your inspiration!!! Your MISTI is my favorite tool!

  3. I still don't see it as a Cinderella card. I think its beautiful! I sell some cards, send some and give away a LOT. I don't have a blog to share mine on but those who see them usually love them. I don't send cards to anyone who does not appreciate the love I put into them!

  4. Yes, I send Cinderella cards out too. lol Hugs, Brenda

  5. The card really did turn out nice.... I liked how the snowflakes tied it all together. I have a cousin who comments, saves and displays all of my cards. I have a sister who never comments at all. I try to send cards and gifts unconditionally but... I would definitely not hesitate to move the "meh-worthy" to a purchased card if I am short on handmade cards.

  6. Actually, I try to make all my cards the best I am able, but, I do compare the multiples I make and send the best of the best to the 'worthy' category folks - LOL! Scraps, swaps, and extras go to a friend in our church who sends to the shut-ins, etc. Never thought of the 'worthy' before....guess we all do it since our cards are made with love and prayers for the recipient.
    Paper Hugs,

  7. I too will add my voice to the chorus of those who love this card!!! It's just gorgeous! I always save my best cards for those who appreciate it most. Like my Mom, who has probably never thrown anything handmade away in her life, lol!

  8. Yes, I know people who will look at the card, read it, flip it over to see if it has a Hallmark logo on it (anyone remember those Hallmark commercials?), then they will keep it maybe 1 day and then toss them.
    Then there are the others who will not only display the card, but will keep it. THOSE people get my Jaguar of cards, the Pop-it-Ups by Karen Burniston or a surprise box card or an infinity card (a big hit).
    I have a stamp I put on the backs of my cards going to those who do not appreciate a handmade card, it reads, "This card was made with love and by hand and if you throw it out, my card fairy is coming to your house and eat all of your chocolate!" I doubt it works, but it is fun to have on them!

  9. stampin friends and I also have what we call "pearl worthy" recipients!.. pricy embellishments only go to select people :-)


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