Tuesday, February 13, 2024

MISTI Tricks I Didn't Know About

 Hello Friends,

Today I am sharing a couple of MISTI tricks I never knew about. One of them I learned from Kristina Werner and the other I just kind of stumbled on. I am 100% certain many know this trick already, but for some reason, I didn't commit it to memory before now.

For this card, I created the shaker window by placing it in the MISTI and then lining the backing up over the open part with the sequins. Then I added the backing by pushing it up against the side and bottom of the MISTI walls. It worked perfectly.

I loved making the first one so much that I made a second one using the same technique but with a different concept. This time I made a window sentiment. 

I hope you like these cards. If you'd like to see the video you can check it out HERE on Wednesday 2/14 at 4pm PST.

The supplies I used to make these cards are listed here.

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