Tuesday, September 26, 2023

How Did We Survive Without The MISTI?

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Hi Friends,
Wendy here. I am so pleased with how this card turned out. The dies and sentiment is from HoneyBee Stamps. 

I stamped the sentiment for this card 3 times... BEFORE I grabbed my MISTI and realized I was having a momentary relapse to archaic stamping days.

When I couldn't get the sentiment to stamp nice and dark and clean and clear I immediately grabbed my Original Black MISTI and bam. Perfect sentiment stamping. 

How did we ever stamp before the MISTI?

AND... How did we ever glue these teeny tiny pieces before the Precision Glue Press? I don't know it's a mystery to me too.

Thanks for checking in and hanging out for a few minutes. I hope you enjoy this card. All the products are linked below.




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