Thursday, April 13, 2023

Better Latte Than Never

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Hello, MISTI fans! Angie, here with a couple of coffee cards! You will be surprised I did not use more than one MISTI to create today's projects. You know how much I love using multiple MISTIs and leaving the stamps in the MISTIs until I am completely done. I pulled out my Memory MISTI this week and placed the stamps in the corners. The abstract paint stroke image is a single brush stroke stamp.  I inked the stamp and moved my paper up 3/4 of an inch for each brush stroke. Then I placed the sentiments in the lower corners of the Memory MISTI without taking the brush stroke off the MISTI. I ran out of time today, but I left the brush stroke stamp in the MISTI to make more cards with these fun sets. I will share them next time if I don't get distracted by a different stamp set!   

Did you know MISTI Sticky Mats are now in the Original, Memory, and Mini sizes? I am so excited to have the new Sticky Mat sizes!  

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