Tuesday, February 8, 2022

New Sticky Mat and Standard MISTI with Cling Stamps



Hello and welcome to the blog for Team Tuesdays. This is Susan and I am so excited today - I have my new sticky mats. I thought I would show you my set up for cling stamps. First, I should explain that I have several MISTI's. I really do use these routinely.  However, I have to say having 3 standard sized and 2 mini sized MISTI's makes my workflow so much more efficient. Iliana was very generous and set each of the design team members a package of sticky mats. The new sticky mats are laser etched and come 3 in a pack for the standard sized MISTI. The material it is made from is thicker than the mat for the Silhouette. I did use a clean tee shirt to remove some of the tac. Below are two of my standard MISTI's along with the sticky mats. I do apologize for the dirty MISTI. I am mid-release for one company and I use these all the time.

Putting the mat in is easy. For stamping clear stamps, leave the foam pad in and I slipped a piece of white grid paper under the Sticky Mat. I just did not like the look on black - I know strange. I kept the magnets in just in case and because I do use my MISTI to prep bouquets and other layouts.

The MISTI set-up for cling stamps is a bit different. Because cling stamps already have a foam base (see last picture) you need to remove the foam from the MISTI. If you do not, you won't be able to close the MISTI door with a cling stamp on it. See above picture for the basic set-up for a cling stamp. I always have one of my standard sized MISTIs set up for cling stamps. The other one is set up for cling stamps. I do the same with my mini-MISTIs.

Above you can see that I have removed the protective film from the sticky side of the mat and am laying the mat on top of the base grid. Again, I have the foam pad removed. Obviously, this was very easy to do. Excuse the purple tape, I was die cutting and my MISTI collects tape and dies! That is how much they are out on my desk. 

Above you can see my MISTI with the Sticky Mat, paper and a cling stamp ready to go. The is the Peonies Planter from Impression Obsession that I used for the card above. I shut the door and picked up the stamp. I did use a magnet just because I need the reassurance. Ok I am a bit obsessive but honestly, the sticky mat alone would have been fine. I would suggest removing some of the tac with a clean tee shirt especially if you are using 80 lb card stock. The Sticky Mat is a wonderful new tool and I highly recommend purchasing a package. 

The card was inspired by my friend Jessie Banks.

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  1. Looks like a great idea, and I ordered some. Problem is, I'm a visual person, and I'm not understanding. Is there any way you could do a video to using the mats? Thanks!

  2. Sounds like a great addition for my MISTI! Just ordered mine! I'm not quite sure I know how they work tho. lol Could you please make a video for using the mats? Thanks!


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