Thursday, September 2, 2021

Watercolor and the MISTI

 Hello!  It's Angie here today!  All this week I have been creating with watercolor and my favorite tools! 

To create my card, I placed the Lotus Flower 3 in the Original MISTI and inked it with Shadow ink.  Truthfully, I meant to use Fade Out ink but picked up the wrong ink; turns out I really like the way it looks! Without moving the stamp, I simply flipped the watercolor paper around and stamped again!  For the flower petals, I mixed Daniel Smith's Jane's Grey, and Indigo.  I chose Enduring Comfort for my sentiment because I was talking with a friend this week who was making sympathy cards.  I realized that I don't have any in my stash and it's always easier for me to create a sympathy card when I don't need one!

When I make cards, I like to adhere the cardstock (or watercolor paper in this case) to the base before stamping the sentiment. This helps ensure that the sentiment goes on straight even if I get the layers adhered imperfectly. The Cut-Align ruler with its center zero also helps to align the layers evenly on the base.  Next, I place the card into the Mini MISTI and stamp the sentiments.  The Mini takes up less space and is lighter so it's very handy to use and that means I am able to leave my image on the Original MISTI until I am completely done with my project.  It happens quite often that I need to start my project over again and if the image is still in the MISTI it's a wonderful time saver!  The last thing I do is add a Double Dip note on the inside especially if it's a dark card base.  

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  1. Angie, this is truly wonderful- and you're so right about all the ways that MISTI save the day! What a gorgeous bloom!


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