Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cleaning Permanent Stains From MISTI

One of the most emailed questions I get is about removing stains from the MISTI.   So I thought I would do a quick public service announcement about maintaining  the MISTI.

The first thing I must say is to use an appropriate acrylic cleaner.  Acrylic can be damaged by inappropriate cleaners.  For example, glass cleaner, will fog any acrylic.  Other cleaners can cause crazing.  Crazing are small cracks that appear in the acrylic.

I put together a short video on cleaning permanent stains from the MISTI.   This also works for dye, pigment and sticky inks like Versamark.   If you have any residue from adhesive, you can do the same thing with the Novus 2.

 I hope you find it helpful.  If you did, please give the video a thumbs up.


  1. Thanks so much for the tips in the tutorial, it answered all my questions and concerns. LOVE my MISTI!

  2. Very Helpful information, and in video format is even better!!! Thanks so much Iliana!
    Paper Hugs,

  3. Love my MISTI and thank you for this video on helping to keep it clean!

  4. Thank you, Iliana, for making a video to help me figure a way to clean my valuable MISTI so I can use my Stazon Inks on the rare occasions I need to. I have a screen printed MISTI and had a spill of 97% alcohol and lost a large part of my grid to the cleanup process. Do you, by chance, sell or know of someone who does sell, a vinyl grid that I can use to replace the vinyl and grid that I lost to this? (My vinyl was lifting and had started to get air bubbles.)

    1. Hi Mistie. Fill out the contact us page at www.mysweetpetunia.com

  5. Thanks for showing this. I am pretty good about cleaning it right away and the Novus 1 is wonderful stuff. I may need some of the Novus 2 for the sticky stuff that hangs on.

  6. Good information and example showing how to clean the MISTI. I give this video two thumbs up!

  7. Iliana...thank you for your information. I ordered my bottle of Novus 2 and results are amazing. My MISTI looks brand new! I am so pleased. Thank you for taking such good care of your customers, information videos, and inspiring card videos.

  8. Very good video, I have all 3 of the Novus cleaning products.
    It is always helpful to see how these products are used. I did notice red and brown inks do seem to lea vea trace of color on the grid, so far I have not had to use Novus #2, but if I do I know it will work after seeing how you applied it, thanks.

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  10. Great video.Removing stains from acrylic is a tough task.There are similar esd products available in market they are use to clean the stains permanently without any problem.

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