Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mass Production or Duplicate Cards

When I make cards I always want to keep a reference card in case I ever want to make another card.  Not to mention, I like to keep an inventory of cards that I can draw from for special occasions.  Thank You cards are a prime example.  I am more prone to give a card if it is already prepared as opposed to having to make one.  However, there are those occasions that I really love a card I make and want to give it to some one right away.  Changing the sentiment would offer a variety of options for the same card design.  I could have easily changed this card into a birthday or thinking of you card.  Gift sets would also be a good use for duplicate cards.   This year I actually look forward to making Christmas cards.  I hope you enjoy the videos that accompany this card.  Be sure to leave a comment and give a thumbs up on YouTube.

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